Oct. 31, 2022

Using Audiograms As An Alternative to Video

Using Audiograms As An Alternative to Video

In this episode of Podiatry Marketing, Tyson and Jim discuss what audiograms are and some simple workflows you can follow to easily create video content for your podiatry practice.

If you're nervous in front of a camera, then maybe audiograms are the solution for you.

What is an Audiogram?
An audiogram is a video file that was created by combining a photo or graphic and an audio file (usually an MP3 or WAV file)

Because social platforms only give the option of sharing photos or videos as posts, audiograms allow creators to reformat audio files into shareable videos - Because you cannot direct;y upload an audio file.

How long is an audiogram?
It can be any length, but most will be less than 60 seconds if they are used on Social Media platforms.

Perfect for:

  • Promoting a person, product, service, or condition (give examples) without the fear of being in front of the camera. 
  • Remember you can repurpose any audio (radio interviews, presentations - eg: Powell River)

1. Capture Audio: You can use any recording software. 

2. Edit or trim your AUDIO (same programs above)

3. Create your artwork using Canva

  • You could use an unedited photo; however, you always want your logo/brand on everything. 

4. Combine Audio and Graphics using Headliner or Clipscribe

Audiograms can be used on:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Your Website
  • Email Newsletters - basically anywhere you could currently use a video. 

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