Nov. 7, 2022

Why Low-Budget Marketing Providers Don't Generate Profits

Why Low-Budget Marketing Providers Don't Generate Profits

In this episode of Podiatry Marketing, Tyson and Jim discuss why low-budget marketing providers don't generate profits. To be seen as the go-to expert in your local area, you have to do more than the standard cookie-cutter strategies provided most budget

In this episode, we help you understand the specific reasons why budget marketing services don't generate ROI

Many clinics see marketing as a cost, not an investment in the future of their practice.

6 Things to Consider When Assessing Your Options

1. A lot of marketing providers don't know podiatry or spend the time necessary to learn the basics
2. Lack of local exclusivity. Most marketing agencies will take on multiple clinics in the same region. This causes a conflict of interest and lack of results.
3. A focus on low prices will lead you astray. Low-cost providers can't create a customized online presence that is indistinguishable from other podiatry clinics or spend the time to highlight the unique aspects of your practice.
4. Low-cost providers focus on volume & copy/paste model -> can be very lucrative; cold calling & emailing
5. Information asymmetry/Don't talk about the marketing threshold. You want someone who will have hard, honest conversations, aligns with your interests, is trustworthy, and sets up relationships for long-term success.
6. Understand the difference between Build and coast vs. Build and optimize. The former includes lack of follow-up, reporting & experimentation; relying on inertia and lock-in factors to avoid switching costs.

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