Aug. 1, 2022

The Value of Patient Onboarding & Intake Forms

The Value of Patient Onboarding & Intake Forms

Patient intake forms are a valuable source of patient information. In today's episode, Jim McDannald, DPM, and Tyson Franklin discuss how the information gathered with permission can benefit your clinic and the care you provide.

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The way you ask for patient information and the options you provide says a lot about your podiatry practice. Even before they step foot inside your clinic, the patient intake forms and the method you collect that information are opportunities to begin an excellent patient experience.

If the experience is bad, it reflects negatively on your clinic and makes your staff less productive and efficient with their time. Having a smooth, user-friendly patient intake process in place can help set your clinic apart from the rest and reflects positively both before and during the patient visit. 

Today, Jim McDannald, DPM and Tyson Franklin discuss:

  • Part of the pre-clinic visit portion that sets expectations
  • Forms: Patient History, HIPAA document, Payment Policy
  • Why not to use a PDF or Word Doc download
  • Online Forms vs. Patient Portals
  • Flexibility and integration into website/socials
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Patient convenience

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