July 18, 2022

Questions to Ask Marketing Service Providers

Questions to Ask Marketing Service Providers

How can you determine the right marketing provider for your needs? In this episode, Jim McDannald, DPM, and Tyson Franklin discuss questions to ask and ways of assessing your partnership options with a marketing expert that will help grow your practice.

Getting a lot of cold calls or spam emails from "marketing service providers"? In this episode, we discuss how to gather the right information and ask questions that will help you find an honest, capable marketing partner. 

  • What is their approach to working with new clinics? Do they offer an initial audit/strategy to get to know you? Or jump into trying to sell you right away on all the services and offerings without learning about you or your clinic.
  • We discuss and provide a list of important questions to ask when assessing potential marketing partners.
  • Do they provide references or the track record of the podiatry clinics they work with now and in the past?

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