March 7, 2022

Patient Surveys - Online vs Hard Copy

Patient Surveys - Online vs Hard Copy

What do your patients really want? Since you can't read their minds, asking simple questions and gathering demographic data through surveys is the first step to gaining a better understanding of their needs and will help you provide a higher level of foot

There are three types of surveys you can do with your patients.

1. Online - fast and cheap but not usually a great response rate. Typically need to include some form of incentive to complete it.
2. Hardcopy - takes more time and costs more to implement, but if you do it right, as I describe on the podcast, the percentage of returns will blow your mind.
3. Face-to-face - these are the most straightforward surveys to do, and they are also fast and cost you nothing, and you do it (ask the questions) while the patient is with you.

Example Patient Survey

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