May 23, 2022

Patient Email Newsletters - Do's and Don'ts

Patient Email Newsletters - Do's and Don'ts

Patient emails can be a recurring source of patient visits and a consistent way of educating your patients about all the foot and ankle care you provide. In this episode, Jim and Tyson discuss the benefits of owning and growing your patient email list.

Why Email Marketing the best ROI of any marketing channel

  • Internal vs External
  • You own this list, not Google or Facebook who will hold you hostage
  • Less than $200 per month for the software

Learn all the Do's/Don'ts

  • Do ask for permission
  • Don't spam
  • Do create something helpful and valuable content
  • Don't shill too much or hammer "Make Appointment Now" call to actions
  • Do use patient testimonials & social proof
  • Don't assume patients know the all care you provide

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