Oct. 17, 2022

Marketing Timeframes

Marketing Timeframes

In this episode of Podiatry Marketing, Tyson and Jim discuss timeframes to consider when executing your marketing plan and how to build a library of successful options to help grow your podiatry clinic.

In Episode 33, we discussed having a Yearly Marketing Planner and the ways it can benefit your practice, including:

  • Having a roadmap for the next 12 months (Developing a Strategy)
  • How it gives your marketing a clear direction (Set in Sand)

This time we go in deeper into timeframes within your yearly planner so you understand why you need to think about:

  • Specific marketing topics (Fungal Nails, Heel Pain, etc)
  • Most Important: How long will you run teach promotion (4,6,8-weeks)
  • Consistency works  - Eg: Golden Drop Winery 
  • Don't change your message too often:
    • Confusing
    • Needs to run long enough to be noticed and for people to take action. 

To learn more about how to grow your practice, check out more episodes of Podiatry Marketing at https://podiatry.marketing