May 30, 2022

Marketing Pillar #5 - Verbal Marketing

Marketing Pillar #5 - Verbal Marketing

Tyson Franklin and Jim McDannald, DPM round out the 5 Pillars of Marketing this week with the final topic, verbal marketing.

So what's verbal marketing? It's any form of marketing that involves you opening your mouth and talking. 

This includes networking with the intent of building long-term relationships. We're not talking about transactional, superficial relationships. You want to develop long-term, win-win partnerships. But how do you get started? 

Here are a few ways that we'll discuss in today's episode:

  • Networking Events (Free & Paid)
  • Public Speaking Opportunities. 
  • Local Tradeshows and Expos
  • Elevator Speech 
  • Podcasting and Guest Podcasting 

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