Feb. 7, 2022

Make Your Favorite Services Center Stage

Make Your Favorite Services Center Stage

What do you love doing in podiatry? What do you want to do more of, if you had a choice? This doesn't mean you're not going to do anything else. It just means putting a focus on everything that you love to do in all of your marketing.

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Most podiatrists focus on general and vanilla marketing of all the things they could do. In order to resonate, prospective patients want to know what makes your care unique. Don't worry about missing out on other work...it will still come in. 

Here are some ways of making your care center stage:

  • Clinic website
  • Diagnosis/Treatment webpages
  • Community talks - only talk about the subject you want to talk about. Why talk about general footcare if that is not an area of podiatry that excites you. 
  • Face-to-face visits - because you have limited time you're best to stay in one area of podiatry so you don't sound like every other podiatrist. 
  • Editorials - choose a topic about something you enjoy and want to see more of. Don't write on a subject or treatment that you have no interest in. 
  • Media Releases - keep it very focused.
  • Paid advertising 
  • It may even be reflected in your business name. 

To learn more about how to grow your practice, check out more episodes of Podiatry Marketing at https://podiatry.marketing