Oct. 24, 2022

Is TikTok Marketing for Podiatry Successful?

Is TikTok Marketing for Podiatry Successful?

In this episode of Podiatry Marketing, Tyson and Jim discuss the rise of TikTok and whether it makes sense for you and your clinic to create your own account.

A story was recently released that said that "40% of Gen Z prefers searching on TikTok or IG vs. Google"

Is it really true that people born between 1997-2012 may be making healthcare decisions based on short-form videos instead of Google results?

While I don't see TikTok as a channel for clinic growth, it is important to be aware of this platform and others as this generation matures and the tools they use mature with them. "The one constant is change...things happen slowly and then all of a sudden."

Warning: Don't Believe The Hype

  • Start with the basics: Brand/Logo; Website; Local SEO, and Google Search Ads
  • If you have enough time or budget, then you can experiment with organic content on  Facebook...TikTok, Instagram

Know Your Ideal Patients

  • If you're only going after Gen Z, then maybe a little paid advertising on TikTok is worth testing. But also know that it's very like that most of the medical decision-making that affects this young generation is determined by their parents. 

What's the Purpose of Using TikTok

  • It's very unlikely that this channel will generate patient appointments
  • So TikTok is primarily for influencer/affiliate marketing or selling goods/services to your fellow podiatrists

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