Dec. 12, 2022

Identifying Your Team's Superpowers

Identifying Your Team's Superpowers

In this episode of Podiatry Marketing, Tyson and Jim the value of discovering your team's talents and putting them to work. Every team member has superpowers you should use as part of your marketing strategy.

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Every team member of a podiatry clinic has superpowers. As the practice owner, you are obligated to motivate and pull the best out of each of them. By doing so, your patients will notice and benefit from these efforts.

Hidden vs. Happy Super Hero:

  • Hidden Super Heroes are usually frustrated
  • Happy Super Heroes, don't hide.

Tasks that can be taught and delegated to your team:

  • Blog Writing
  • Video editing
  • Audio recording
  • Graphic design (Canva)
  • Social Media

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