Nov. 28, 2022

How to Market Your Orthotics

How to Market Your Orthotics

In this episode of Podiatry Marketing, Tyson and Jim discuss how you can market your orthotics. If you don't provide a clear reason why to choose you, they'll end up at the local sporting goods store or podiatrist down the road.

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If every podiatrist makes orthotics, setting yourself apart and showing patients why they should choose yours is important. During this week's show, we explore the following questions that you can reflect upon:

  • What makes your orthotic different?
  • Do you use different materials?
  • Do you use an exclusive laboratory?
  • Do you provide a faster service/turnaround time?
  • Are you cheaper or provide more value for less? Sounds like a small difference, but it's not.
  • Do you have an orthotic specialty (pediatrics orthotics or sports orthotics)
  • Do you have a particular skill set that translates into a better service?
    • You cannot eat status
    • Reputation alone is no longer enough.
  • Why you need a good marketing strategy (not just tactics)
    • Proarch Foot Support Story (We don't make orthotics)
    • Storytelling
    • How will you share this story?

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