May 15, 2023

How to Handle a Negative Online Review

How to Handle a Negative Online Review
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Welcome to another episode of the Podiatry Marketing Podcast. In this episode, Jim McDannald, DPM, and Tyson E. Franklin delve into an important topic that might seem a bit intimidating at first - Negative Online Reviews.

What We Covered:

  1. The reality of negative reviews: It's crucial to understand that every practice experiences a bad review occasionally. It's a normal part of running a podiatry clinic, and not a reflection of your practice's overall quality or dedication.
  2. Response over reaction: The critical aspect isn't the negative review itself, but how you respond to it. Your reaction can set the tone for how the situation develops and can impact the perception of potential patients who come across the review.
  3. Step 1 - Initial reaction: Before reacting, it's essential to take a deep breath and evaluate whether the review is from an actual patient. Although fake reviews are rare for podiatry clinics, they do happen, and identifying them early can save a lot of unnecessary stress and response.
  4. Step 2 - Offline resolution: If possible, make an attempt to settle the issue offline. Direct communication with the reviewer can often lead to a better understanding of their concerns and potentially to a resolution that satisfies both parties.
  5. Step 3 - Public response: When responding publicly, maintain a non-emotional, professional tone. Ensure that your response is HIPAA compliant, respecting the privacy and rights of the patient at all times.

This episode is filled with practical advice and strategies to manage and respond to negative reviews effectively. Remember, it's not about the negative review itself, but how you handle it that matters.

Listen in to equip yourself with the tools you need to turn a potentially damaging situation into an opportunity for demonstrating professionalism and dedication to patient satisfaction.

To learn more about growing your practice and accessing additional resources, check out more episodes of the Podiatry Marketing Podcast at

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