March 28, 2022

Google Search Ads Basics

Google Search Ads Basics

People are searching on Google for foot and ankle care experts. Does your clinic show up high enough in the search results to be an option for them to consider?

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Search advertising is not a spray and pray method of gaining awareness for your clinic. By bidding on specific keywords that are valuable to your practice, you can generate more patient appointments and provide more of the care you love.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Google Search Ads are different than "regular advertising"?
  • What is search intent?
  • Why being relevant and helpful are superpowers
  • How to get Google Search Ads seen by patients who are ready to make an appointment
  • How you can control budget by limiting where Google Ad locations are shown and other factors
  • What's a reasonable monthly budget
  • How to determine which search keywords are most valuable

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