June 27, 2022

Free Website Downloads

Free Website Downloads

Patients may be visiting your website but not ready to make an appointment right away. Jim McDannald, DPM and Tyson Franklin discuss way to provide relevant, helpful downloads and pages that help people understand the variety of expert foot and ankle care

People come to your website looking for information, but may not be ready to commit or to take the next step. 
Therefore offer them more information:

  • Offer FREE BOOK 
    - with an email nurture sequence 
    - ~ 25% success rate
  • Instructional videos
  • Other PDF documents & guides
  • Collect names for your database and newsletter. 
    - Stay in touch with relevant helpful content until they are ready to make an appointment
    - If you're top of mind and have provided valuable information in the past, they will choose you. 

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