May 1, 2023

Finding the Intersection of Your Skills & Experience

Finding the Intersection of Your Skills & Experience
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In this episode of the Podiatry Marketing Podcast, Jim McDannald, DPM, and Tyson E. Franklin explore the importance of finding the intersection of your skills and experience to achieve professional satisfaction and grow your ideal podiatry practice. Learn how to identify your unique value proposition and leverage it to unlock new opportunities for success in your field.

Join Jim and Tyson as they discuss the following essential steps to help you navigate this journey:

  1. Assessing your skills: Understanding your strengths, areas of expertise, and tasks you excel at to build a strong foundation for your career.
  2. Evaluating your experience: Reflecting on your past job experiences, projects, and other work-related activities to gain a deeper understanding of your professional journey.
  3. Identifying common themes: Discovering the overlap between your skills and experience to pinpoint your unique value proposition and professional offerings.
  4. Focusing on roles that align with your skills and experience: Targeting job opportunities and projects that resonate with your expertise and interests to maximize professional satisfaction and growth.

Throughout the episode, Jim and Tyson share valuable insights, practical tips, and real-life examples from successful podiatrists who have embraced the power of their skills and experience to build thriving practices. Don't miss this chance to elevate your podiatry practice and find professional fulfillment by harnessing the intersection of your skills and experience!

To learn more about growing your practice and accessing additional resources, check out more episodes of the Podiatry Marketing Podcast at

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