Sept. 5, 2022

Creating Headlines to Attract the Right Patient

Creating Headlines to Attract the Right Patient

Headlines can make an serious impact. Tyson & Jim discuss some best practices when trying to attract the right patient.

Tyson Franklin & Jim McDannald, DPM walk you through the basics and best practices of headlines. 

The purpose of a good headline is to quickly qualify a patient if a patient is a good fit for your business. Here’s a few of the topics discussed:

  1. Where should you be using headlines? - Blogs, Social Media Posts, Subject lines in emails, Newsletters, Marketing & Advertising. 
  2. Numbers make your headline more catchy: 7 Ways to...
  3. Use Engaging words: Reasons, Tips, Secrets, Hacks
  4. Use Short Cut Words: Easy, Simple
  5. Trigger Words: How, Why, What, When
  6. Create Intrigue: Myths, Lies, Proven, 
  7. Use Emotion: Guarantee, Fun ways to..., Premium
  8. Use Urgency & Relevancy: Today, Now, Fast

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