May 22, 2023

13 Things You Would Do Differently

13 Things You Would Do Differently
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Welcome to another episode of the Podiatry Marketing Podcast. In this episode, Jim McDannald, DPM, and Tyson E. Franklin tackle an all-too-real scenario: a new, highly-skilled podiatrist opening a practice right across the street from you. They're not just in your neighborhood; they're right there, with a unique service offering and a large marketing budget.

What We Covered:

  1. Professional Referrers: We discuss how to handle these situations, from gentle reminders to using tools like LOOM and Braintoss. We also touch on the 'Be Our Guest Book' strategy.
  2. Non-Professional Referrers: We emphasize the importance of proactive engagement, encouraging you to get off your butt and foster relationships.
  3. Street Appeal: Make your clinic visually appealing. Check your signage, and remember that first impressions count.
  4. Update Website: This is your digital storefront. Offer free information, leverage search platforms, and consider adding a media page.
  5. Community Engagement: Participating in community events or initiatives can help increase visibility and reputation.
  6. Your Niche: It’s essential to know and capitalize on your unique niche in the market.
  7. Touch Base with Patients: We cover strategies for reactivation, utilizing emails/newsletters, and increasing touch points with your patients.
  8. Introduce Yourself: It may be helpful to meet the competition. We discuss conducting a recon mission and how it might put your mind at ease.
  9. Reflect on Your Own Practice: This is an opportunity for self-evaluation and improvement.
  10. Know Your Ideal Patient: Tailor your communication to them, such as writing blogs that speak directly to their needs and experiences.
  11. Retrain Your Team: Ensure everyone is on the same page when greeting patients and answering the phone.
  12. Update Uniforms/Brand: Consistent branding is key to a professional appearance.
  13. Merchandise/Welcome Packs: These can create a positive impression and reinforce your brand.

In this episode, we provide a comprehensive guide to rising above competition, strengthening your practice, and maintaining a robust patient base. Tune in to learn how to turn a challenging situation into an opportunity for growth and improvement.

To learn more about growing your practice and accessing additional resources, check out more episodes of the Podiatry Marketing Podcast at

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